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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I outsource my in-house bookkeeping functions?

    There are three ways a business owner gets something done: does it herself, hires an employee, or outsources it. An effective business owner reserves specific tasks that only he can do and delegates the rest to employees or outsourced professionals. Finding an experienced knowledgeable bookkeeper can be a challenge – that’s where we can help.

  2. What services do you provide?

    We talk about this under the “What we do” tab but in summary, we provide premier “old-school” bookkeeping services to businesses who prefer to outsource the bookkeeping function, businesses who have a hard time staffing their bookkeeping department with adequately trained staff (i.e., construction and manufacturing companies) and high wealth individuals. We also provide full “write-up” services for CPA offices.

  3. Are you licensed by any professional organizations?

    We are certified by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). Our staff also includes QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Certified QB Users. Each of those organizations requires continuing professional education and has established ethical and professional behavior standards

  4. What kind of QuickBooks consulting do you provide?

    We have been QuickBooks ProAdvisors since 2002 and have worked with clients in every industry. Working one-on-one with our clients allows us to provide customized and immediate feedback. Each client has specific needs and goals and we can quickly and efficiently show them ways to make the software work perfectly for them.

  5. Who is doing the work?

    A handful of accountants, bankers and bookkeepers, all with years of business experience, are devoted to providing the tools our clients need to manage their businesses effectively. We live all across the United States and thanks to technology, that works perfectly for us. All employees go through extensive bookkeeping, software, and customer service training. All client emails are copied to the managing partner to make sure clients are receiving clear and accurate information. Accounting records are reviewed at the partner level each processing period. Our relationship with our clients is our most important asset and our sincere goal is to provide our clients the information they need to succeed.

  6. Do you replace my CPA?

    Absolutely not! We work with our clients’ CPAs to make their jobs easier. CPAs specialize in strategic planning and other valuable services. Unfortunately, many CPAs (and EAs and other tax preparers) are forced to spend budgeted tax preparation dollars doing remedial bookkeeping to get the records in shape to prepare a tax return. It’s not good math – they are expensive bookkeepers – and it doesn’t provide their clients maximum value. Our clients report substantially reduced tax preparation bills and feel that they get more value from their tax preparers when they meet because they have reliable and timely financial data.

  7. What software do you use?

    We use QuickBooks for all of our clients. Some clients maintain their own QB file, sending us an Accountant’s Review copy each month. Some clients use a QB hosting service; some clients are content to let us maintain the file. Some clients use QB Online and we support clients who use QB for Mac via remote access. We work to find the most effective solution for each client.

  8. What does it cost?

    We work with our clients to find a mutually agreeable flat fee for our services, readdressed every three months, and paid in advance. Flat fees allow us the freedom to provide premium service without the yoke of an hourly billing rate and they allow our clients to anticipate and control their costs.

  9. Are you bonded and insured?

    Of course. We take our responsibility to you very seriously.

  10. How is your service cheaper than what I have now?

    Because we specialize, we’ve developed systems that create maximum efficiency. Additionally, because your records will now be digitized, you’ll save money in storage and retrieval costs.

  11. I am a super small business and I don't need monthly financial reports – can you help me on a quarterly or even semi-annual basis?

    You bet! Many clients do not need monthly financial reports but prefer to have quarterly reports, in large part to determine estimated tax payment requirements. We are a service firm and provide the services our clients need. If you have a special request, just ask!

  12. How do I get the work you've done back?

    For clients who maintain their own QuickBooks file, we export changes to their file via an Accountant’s Review copy or log into their systems to make any adjustments. Some clients host their files with a third party, which allows authorized users to access the file from any internet connection, and we work directly in the live file. For everyone else, we maintain a secure QuickBooks file in-house and provide digital copies of all the data at the end of the processing period. Each client has different needs and requirements, and our goal is to provide precisely what they need with unsurpassed expertise and professionalism, enthusiasm and innovation.

  13. I understand the appeal of going paperless and avoiding the document storage problem but what if I'm audited?

    Digital records are perfectly acceptable in an audit. The files we return to you are bookmarked in a logical, easy to follow system so you can quickly find the documents you need. In fact, having everything in one easily searchable location is probably MORE effective in an audit than stacks of moldy paper in a warehouse.

  14. What does "Paperless Bookkeeping" mean?

    We convert all of the bookkeeping data to digital files so now one month’s worth of invoices, bills, checks, payroll returns, sales tax returns, fixed asset purchases, and financial reports fits on one CD rather than in boxes in storage. Ask about our special archive rates to convert your prior data to digital format.

  15. Do you prepare Forms 1099 for my subcontractors at year end?

    Yes, we do! Contact us for details.

  16. Do you offer payroll services?

    Yes, we do! Contact us for details.

  17. I have a question that isn't answered here.

    Call or contact us online! We’re happy to answer any questions you have.